Trading Platform

The world’s most advanced trading platform

Infinitrade invites traders of all experience levels to access financial markets via its intuitive and sophisticated trading platform. Combining innovative features with a streamlined user-experience, our platform has been designed offer every investor an enhanced performance.  Infinitrade is committed to helping you kick your trading experience a notch higher. 

With a customer service of the highest standards to assist you throughout all stages of your trading journey, you can easily take your trading activities to an advanced level and gain an edge over others.  With us, you can easily access profitable markets and generate above-average returns. If you`re looking to work with a broker that works as hard as you, has you covered!



Training And Education

At Infinitrade, we are committed towards helping all investors remain abreast of the best trading strategies to multiply their profits. We take the training, education and advancement of our customers very seriously. Whether you’re looking to get started as a newcomer or ready to take your existing skills to the highest possible level, you can find the most advanced training and educational resources on our platform.

We remain abreast of the latest technologies and news emerging in the market to provide our customers with the most valuable learning tools and information on contemporary trading. We believe that knowledge represents the most critical key to success in all aspects of trading, which is why we support the training and education of all our customers. Our education center allows every investor to access the latest economic calendars, real-time market news, videos and Ebooks on how to get better at trading!


Our Reputation And Our Expert Team

At Infinitrade, we have one goal in mind – To provide the best trading experience to our clients! Our customer service team has earned an international reputation for providing excellent support that exceeds the expectations of our customers. In fact, we’ve built our business model upon ongoing feedback and requests from our customers, in order to deliver exactly what the modern trader needs to succeed.


We welcome traders of all experience levels, from first-timers right through to seasoned professionals with world-class portfolios. Whatever it takes to help you reach your full potential, we’re here to help guide you through the process.



We Love Our Clients

  • “I’ve worked with a fair few brokers over the years, but can honestly say there’s no match for Infinitrade. It’s not just the core trading experience, it’s the outstanding support these guys offer.”
    Manchester UK